Guidelines for Concussion/mTBI & Persistent Symptoms: Second Edition

Guideline Cover

On September 24th 2013 the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation released the updated Second Edition of the Guidelines for Concussion/Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Persistent Symptoms. These were developed to enable health care practitioners to effectively diagnose and manage concussion/mTBI in adults (over the age of 18) and treat symptoms that persist over time.

The guidelines can be viewed or downloaded in either complete form, in clinical version, or in section modules, listed below.


Download the Guidelines:


Full Versions:

Complete Guidelines
Clinical Guidelines (without Methodology)

Section Modules:

For your ease of access, we have broken up the guidelines into twelve section modules. These modules can be viewed or downloaded below as required.

1. Diagnosis/Assessment of Concussion/mTBI
2. Management of Concussion/mTBI
3. Sports-related Concussion/mTBI
4. General Recommendations Regarding Diagnosis/Assessment of Persistent Symptoms
5. General Recommendations Regarding Management of Persistent Symptoms
6. Post-Traumatic Headache
7. Persistent Sleep/Wake Disturbances
8. Persistent Mental Health Disorders
9. Persistent Cognitive Difficulties
10. Persistent Vestibular (Balance/Dizziness) & Vision Dysfunction
11. Persistent Fatigue
12. Return-To-Activity/Work/School Considerations


Supporting Materials:

Sources for the Guideline Recommendations
Full Compilation of Appendices and Tools